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  • Glow

    For some reason I've seen a lot of movies with candles and stained glass in them recently. So here's what my limited imagination came up with:

    Take something that one wouldn't normally think of as glowing, and make it glow. In fact, make it the primary source of illumination in a scene.

    Start a new thread in this forum, describe how/why/etc you did what you did, and attach your glowing art.

    This Challenge, like all Challenges here, never expires. So even if you're coming in a year or more late, we'd still like to see your work.
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    Sorry Doug. I thought this was a new one.



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      Let's Go...Let's Glow!

      Hey! How come no one made anything glow? C'mon, guys...get with the program and send 'em in!

      Phyllis (looking for a photo right now...promise it will G-L-O-W!


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        I had a glowduck somewhere...


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          <<Concerning the glow challenge you mentioned - this caught me for a while too, as I knew I had posted something in that challenge. When you view the main challenge area, there is a little box that says "last 30 days" that you can click on and change to "from the beginning" in the little popup window. If you do that you will see that indeed I did post, as did several others. You're missing out on some stuff! Make sure you change that box to see it ALL!>>

          Thanks, BK, for explaining it to me. I set it to show all the posts from the beginning, and to arrange them from in ascending order, then I found the list of a LOT of submissions!

          It would be helpful if that page that lists ALL the gallery challenge submissions stayed there (never expired by the number of days you set), and opened whenever you clicked on a challenge number. Would make it much easier for new folks to find all this cool stuff!

          Phyllis...still trying to find my way through the maze in this funhouse


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            You can set all sections to show all threads no matter how old in your User CP. Yes, you shouldn't have to do that, but that's the way the authors wrote it.
            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning