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  • Glowfish

    I thought maybe I could break the ice for this Challenge.

    I took the fish from Manipulation Challenge #1
    Saved as PSD
    Duplicated the layer and inverted
    Used the layer 1 blue channel to make a selection based on the fish
    Used the selection to copy the fish from layer 1 to a new layer
    Duplicated fish layer
    Applied huge gaussian blur to duplicate fish layer
    Moved blurred fish behind non-blurred fish, set blend mode of blurred fish to Luminosity
    Made new layer, filled with a color I picked up from the fish, set blend mode to Overlay, fiddled with Hue/Saturation until I got the look I wanted
    Added radial gradient layer next to layer 1, set blend mode to Overlay
    Used 'Save for Web' to make this JPG

    A boring image, but under an hour's work (and most of that was experimenting) and meant more to illustrate the Challenge rather than to inspire artistically. Hopefully y'all will be more creative.
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    Last edited by Doug Nelson; 02-16-2002, 01:33 AM.
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    Very cool image! But could you be a little more specific on the challenge instructions?



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      This particular Challenge (as are all Gallery Challenges) are pretty wide open. Mostly the instructions are "have fun". Read the rest of the instructions here and I'll be happy to answer specific questions.
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Now that is very cool Doug.


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          Very nice. If you had a whole tank of those one wouldn’t need a night light.



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            I think the Gallery challenges are very creative and fun , but that they tend to get overlooked. Perhaps if you had a link to them under the Challenges section. Right now when you click on CHALLENGES you get the link for Restoration Challenges, Manipulations Challenges and Retouching Challenges, but not for Gallery Challenges. I understand that the Gallery Challenges don’t have pictures to retouch, but you could list the text theme or just link directly to the Gallery Challenges page.

            Just A Thought



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              I guess that's one way of forcing you to submit a challenge. Congrats on a "first last and probably only challenge submission" Well done. It really looks like a plugged in fish.


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