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  • Gloweye

    This was my first attempt at trying to make something glow, and I wasn't very successful. I decided to try it on my own, but now I know I need to refer to the other techniques people have used. I tried so many different things that I'm not sure just what I wound up using. But here it is anyhow:

    Took a digital shot of my eye.
    Used the following commands, but I don't remember the order used:
    Duplicated the layer
    gaussian blur (local and heavy)
    layer mask to erase what I didn't want.
    filter - stylize - glowing edges
    hue/sat. adjustment layer - heavy on saturation
    duplicated layer
    unsharp mask - locally sharpened heavily
    layer mask to undo part of the sharpen
    hue/sat. layer mask was used two or three times to get the final tones.
    I don't know where the red came from, but I left it there.

    at one point, I desaturated a duplicated layer, and lowered the opacity to keep a little bit of the facial color.

    Now if I could just get a big name artist to sign it, I would have something!

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    That is seriously cool, Ed! Sort of like a close up of a Scandanavian Godzilla!! Excellent work!! Tom


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      Hey that is cool Ed. Kind of scary too if I saw that peeking in my window. Excellent job.


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        Thanks for the comments. Now if it would just glow a little more.



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          It's too bad the x-files is ending. This would work for that show.
          Really neat, Ed.


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            Wow Ed, what an intense blue eye you have! Great job and way cool!



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