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Beneath the depths

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  • Beneath the depths

    Beneath the ocean depths it glows
    and look, the luminescent path it shows.

    1) I started with an underwater scene with a diver, some plants, sand and a few rocks. I used the Sans Cloning technique (see tutorial) to remove the diver from the picture.

    2) After removing the diver I merged the layers and then duplicated the new background layer twice. One layer I used Image\Adjust\Hue & Saturation, set to Colorize, and turned it a deep Dark Blue. The second layer I repeated the above but used Colorize to turn the layer a bright Yellow/Green. I placed the bright Yellow/Green layer below the Dark Blue layer.

    3) Above the Dark Blue layer I created a blank layer that I filled with pure Black. I then used a soft Eraser to remove the center of the Black fill. This gave me an image that blended from the "Black" depths to a closer "Dark Blue". These two layers were then merged.

    4) Next I copied the snail from a second "outside" image and placed it above the Blue layer.

    5) I selected and made masks of both the shell and snail and move them to separate layers.

    6) First I duplicated the snail, selected it with the snail mask and used Image\Adjust\Hue & Saturation, set to Colorize, and turned it a bright Yellow/Green (lots of saturation). Next I duplicated and selected this second snail, expanded the selection 10 pixels and applied a heavy Gaussian blur. Finally I used Layer Opacity to blend the three layers together.

    7) I used the same procedure for the "shell" as I did for the "snail" except I toned down the amount of "lightness".

    8) I now had a luminous snail and shell above the Dark Blue layer. To increase the luminous effect and simulate the expansion of light I used a very soft eraser to erase some of the Dark Blue layer letting the "lower" bright Yellow/Green layer show through. I used a harder eraser to create the snail trail across the sand.

    9) The layers were merged and the image finally moved into Adobe RGB 1998 color space, cropped and saved as required.

    A great challenge Doug.

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    Hey, that's really pretty cool. You really got him blazing with light. Great job.


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      Look at that escar glow!

      Very cool. Nice underwatery feel. Excellent description.
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        First off, excellent description!

        Secondly, what a cool image! You definitely captured the idea of GLOW! Just looking at it makes me think I should hear the hum of electricity that is making that snail glow so brightly! Great job!



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          Thanks T;

          This was a lot of fun to do. I must have searched 20 web sites until I found a snail image that had the detail I wanted. It's actually a land snail but I used my creative license to move it underwater.



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