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  • It's glowing Granpa

    Don't know if this fits your idea, but it's all I could come up with on short notice.
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    You did a nice job creating the glow on the poster. I like the wide-eyed look on the boy and the bright hot glow you created. Next time don’t forget to include your steps, as the best part of this forum is learning from other's techniques. Also remember that there is no "short notice" as these challenges can be accomplished at any time. There is no time limit, so don’t feel rushed and just have fun!



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      That's really cool. That's incredible. Love that look in the kids eyes.


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        Actually it's a picture from a Moody Blues album, I had hoped when I made it that folks would relate to the change. It's a couple yrs old and I don't know how, except that it was PSP, the eyes were painted, and the glow was probably 2 or 3 effects rolled into one.
        I did a lot of CD covers for a while, as I was really stoked by the ability to not only make a music CD but to be alble to do the cover art too, so I made a bunch of albums, some of which were ones I couldn't get in the '60s. Now I have the power.


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