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  • Blacknight

    Took a pic of my flowers and house. Cropped and adjusted colors (does anyone else who uses a digital camera notice a failure to accurately reproduce a blue flower?)

    Went to CANVAS SIZE and made it 200 pixels wider than original and twice as tall. Selected all and slid pic to top of canvas. Copied the background.

    Flipped it vertical and slid it down to bottom of top pic.

    Made a new blank layer. Did the SHIFT/OPTION/COMMAND/E which copies all layers into the new one. Copied that layer.

    Did a transform/flip horizontal and slid over to edge. Repeated for the other side.

    Poked the background level in the eye and then merged visible. Did a Levels adjust to lighten midtones.

    Ran Eye Candy 3 Glass filter and adjusted to suit. Ran Photoshop's Glass filter, frosted.

    Copied that layer, did a smart blur, edge and adjusted to suit. Did an inverse and set the layer to color burn blend.

    Kind of a kaleidoscopy looking thing without the full effect.

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    Our first entry! Interesting effect flipping your photo on three sides…looks like a photo in a mirrored box. Nice work!



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      That's pretty cool. At first you don't see it but you know there is something unusual and then as your eyes search it you see the reflected areas. Jeanie's right, it does look like you're viewing it through a box with mirrors. Like the coloring too.


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        Originally posted by DJ Dubovsky
        Jeanie's right, it does look like you're viewing it through a box with mirrors.
        Jeanie's right...I thought I was "T"


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          Very nice image. To me, it looks more like a view through a piece of beveled glass. Good effect.

          Hey...just noticed the avatar. Cool!



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            OOPs Big boo boo. I meant T and typed Jeanie. I think I must have been thinking of Jeanie at the time. Sorry T. Glad you caught that. Or maybe it was that new avatar. Yup that must have been it.


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              You just happen to think of me at odd moments throughout your day huh, DJ?

              Interesting effect BK! Bright colors (which I really like) and a unique take on "reflection" that I would not have come up with on my own. I like it!



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