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    reflections challenge

    Sorry about double post but the attachment ability wasn't there for an edit...

    This is frame 5 of a 5 frame animation I did
    some time ago ( also for a reflection challenge).
    I'll try to recall some of the steps.

    The quality wont be too good since it has gone
    thru several saves and optimizations.

    It was created in Photoimpact v6 and gif animator v4

    1.Draw tool created a grey color shape ...path edit tool
    gave it some kind of perspective.Added yellow stripes the same way.

    2.Painted in a landscape and sky as objects (sat in car parked
    along the hi-way making several observations and sketches
    looking in the side mirror)

    needed 5 duplicates...(Dont think I would paint them today)

    3.Draw tool created the mirror shape...painted in the piece
    connecting to the auto.Used a duplicate of the road shape,
    fittinf to the mirror.

    4.Draw tool created the small round mirror

    5.Used duplicates of landscape ....reduced, flipped
    and erased to fit in mirrors.

    6.Found a police car picture on the internet.Played with
    transform tools till I got some resemblence of correctness.

    The animation shows the police car approaching from the rear(naturally)

    If you care to see the animation you can go to


    tom clegg
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      Hey Tom. Not only is that a cool idea it's one I see quite regularly. I like the circle convex mirror in the top corner too. Nice effect. Great job Tom.


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        Is that a dog in the cruiser?


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          Well done Tom! I think I might see a dog in that crusier as well. Also it looks like the driver is missing, but maybe it's one of those remote control police cars

          So DJ, does that mean you have a lead foot?