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  • Enlightenment from above

    This challenge was left W I D E open...loved it. Here be my submission.

    The composite image consists of basically 5 layers with a few adjustment layers on top of that. All of the individual images were yanked off of google image search. From the bottom up:

    Base layer: A greenish creek bed cropped to fit...uhh thats it.

    Fish: Extracted him from an image with my trusty extraction weapon of choice, the pen tool. His angle was a touch off so I used the liquify tool . He also has a brightness/contrast adjustment layer and opacity tweak. The last touch, the bubbles, a cool brush-set courtesy of Adobe Action Xchange:

    Water: Started out with a tutorial from . The original was a little too turbulent for my needs so I modified it it. Instead of running radial blur on the clouds layer I ran a motion blur. This didn't give the contrast for a proper "wave" effect. So I hand painted some black and white wavy bits and stylized with bas relief and chrome. I then added a wave and zig zag distort to my liking. I finally adjusted w/ Hue/Saturation to get my coloring.

    Eagle reflection: One of the wings was definitely not going to work. So I erased it, copied the other wing to another layer flipped it and nudged it into place and merged. When I'd placed him I adjusted his brightness, contrast and opacity to achieve a reflection.

    At this point I ran adisplacement map on both the fish and the bird. I made a copy of my water layer, greyscaled it and saved it as a seperate file, displace.psd. I ran filter>distort>displace w/the default settings once on each animal. Heres a link to a wicked diplacememt tut:

    Talons: made a copy and did a light gaussion blur and stylized w/ wind twice...trying to give a sense of movement. I ran a hue/sat adjustment layer to get the orange huer and then hand painted the mask to bring the talons back.

    There were a few final tweaks that I did but unfortunatly lost my first description so this one is by memory.

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    Very cool!! I love it!



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      I agree....Way Cool. The water looks so real.


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        A split second later and you'd have to classify this image "R" rated due to extreme violence. First time I ever saw a fish sweating! Extra cool! Big thumbs up.



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          Yes! Definately way cool. Or even waaaaay cool....!


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            Wow.... Just ...... Wow.....



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              Fantastic job on your entry Etienne! I absolutely love the viewpoint on this! The look on the fish’s face is simply priceless. Excellent description and with links too! THANKS so much!



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                I've never even fathomed the thought of being an artist and not that I even consider myself one now , I do see a small glimmer at teh end of the tunnel.

                Thanks for the oppurtunity,


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                  Etienne - I also love the image - the expression on the fish's face is telling, and the use of just the talon plus the reflection is creative.

                  "History has remembered the kings and warriors, because they destroyed;
                  Art has remembered the people, because they created."

                  --- William Morris (1834-1896)
                  English artist, poet, and social reformer

                  Last edited by CJ Swartz; 08-08-2002, 02:20 PM.


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                    I like it..............but, if you want to improve it, here's what I would do. Sharpen the eagles claws till their in focus.
                    Add or darken shadows below water, both these things will add more contrast and punch to the image.


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                      The expression on that fish's face is priceless!

                      I like it. Fun, fun!



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                        A little late getting here....but that is one great it
                        The fish expression is just right....


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                          Etienne's Eagle

                          Etienne, I really love your eagle/fish picture. Wonderful idea, and well-executed!



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