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  • "Oh (poopie)!"

    Full disclosure:
    This is a manipulation of an image I got via e-mail attachment (a "funny" that was being forwarded over and over) about a year ago. I take no credit for the idea nor the initial image. The title of this thread is a paraphrase of the original e-mail subject line.

    Given the parameters for this challenge (and how much I laughed the first time I saw it), I thought you might get a chuckle, too. My only contribution was to use PS to clean up some of the .jpg blockiness (not too well) and add a little frame.

    Happy landings!

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      I think that's actually a still from a short film called "405" that you can watch on the web at
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        I think that's actually a still from a short film called "405"...
        I don't believe so. Wrong kind of plane. Boeing 747 vs. whatever was in 405 - The Movie. (DC10 or L1011, perhaps?)

        We NW folks know a Boeing 747 when we see one. Just yesterday drove past the Everett, WA plant (twice) where they're built. It's that very distinctive double-decker cockpit section. 747 is four-engines (2/wing) vs. one/wing + one on the tail in the movie.

        Nonetheless 405 - The Movie is GRrr-EAT. Hadn't seen it before.


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          I highly recomend the 405 movie. It is just great. The folks that made it spent a lot of time on it, and it's very professional looking, and quite funny too.
          It should be a mpeg or AVI file which can be viewed in Window media player, or you can d/l the new and improved player from MS.


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            Thanks for the link to the 405 movie
            That is SO funny and so well done!

            I like your reflection image also, Danny -- I hope NEVER to see a similar reflection in my own side mirror...


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