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Flat Stanley


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  • Flat Stanley

    Flat Stanley is a fun project many elementary schools host. It's based on a book by Jeff Brown where a little boy is flattened by a bulletin board and as a result gets to travel all over the world. I thought you guys might have fun with it. I’ve attached a PNG file of Stanley. Post your photos here when you are done.

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    Re: Flat Stanley

    I love Flat Stanley! My grand daughter asked me recently if I would take pictures of him at various sights...a class assignment. so, Grammy rolled up her sleeves and Photoshopped Flat Stan in many places. This was so much fun it was hard to stop! Here's the Flat Stanley Gallery:
    I'm not sure I can attach a shot, but I'll try anyway. Thanks for this thread!

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      Re: Flat Stanley

      Very creative and well done. Flat Stanley will be proud.



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        Re: Flat Stanley

        Thank you Janet...!



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          Re: Flat Stanley

          Does Flat Stanley get cold?
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            Re: Flat Stanley

            I have a set of Flat Stanley pictures here:

            My granddaughter made her Flat Stanely look Native American! I've photoshopped in a lot of places and even sent him to a paintball game where he got all paint splattered! LOL!


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              Re: Flat Stanley

              Hi prairikittin!
              Weren't they fun? Yours are adorable. You showed Flat Stan doing very ambitious activities (yeah, the paintball was fun for sure!). I bet your granddaughter was very proud of you. Way to go Photoshop!


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                Re: Flat Stanley

                I dropped my camera in a mud puddle, so I don't have a camera at the moment. These are things I actually did that week, only I had to photoshop FS into some older pictures I had. Desi didn't even notice that not all the pictures are the same season! LOL!!!