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  • Blacknight

    a picture of my flower after a rain. Original was blue, background green.

    Copied the image and ran Eye Candy 3 Antimatter, then did an inverse. That gave me a white flower with yellow/green veins. Set the blend to Difference (Hey Danny!)

    Played with hue/sat on the bottom layer until I got something I liked - kind of an orangish flower with a cyan center.

    Ran selective color and changed the background (non-flower) colors a little to suit.

    Increased the canvas size and made a matte and a SPLAT! frame (just for Doug cuz I know how much he likes frames!)

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    Very nice! I just need to get my blacklight out! I like the delicate blue petals with the punch of green veins. Nicely done!



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      HELP! I can't stop!

      I hadn't seen this thread/challenge before. If I had I certainly would have submitted. Since I didn't, I'll make up for lost time. Can more than one be submitted? I guess we'll see!

      I had a picture of fire, which when inverted gives you blue flames. That was the first layer. flipped vertically.

      I took a picture of icicles I had and put that the next layer up, setting the mode to color. You really can't see what it is after that, but I liked the way it changed the color of the "flames"

      Then I took a picture of a model I had and placed that on the top, setting the blend to screen.

      Played with hue/sat on some layers a little. Ran pstewart's stylize/diffuse/anisotropic on the background just to see what it would do and I totally loved it.

      Added a little noise just to even things out somewhat.
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        Oooh, very nice! I love the movement and color that the flames add to the photo. And the model's eyes are very captivating. A very mystical image!! I will have to try pstewart's stylize/diffuse/anisotropic on a background to experiment for myself. Nicely done!



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          Both are very nice, but I love the first one (flower).
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          Take responsibility for learning


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            Not a fan of the first one at all! However the second one is sublime - love the colours and the composition seems to work so well with the subject matter.


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              Mike: If memory serves, the first ones I post usually manage to avoid making your fan list, so I think I will just put up whatever I am planning to put up second first. No, wait - I can't do that, because then it would be first. Catch-22. What a fix!

              Doug: I KNEW you'd like it, cuz of the frame!

              T: Glad you liked them all. See - you can please some of the people all of the time (well, maybe most of the time).

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                Melting Model

                Blacknight, I LOVE your model with the "melting" much that I downloaded it into my "keeper" file so I can be inspired over and over again. I'm glad that you were able to benefit from one of my techniques, since I have learned so much here from all of you...nice to be able to return a favor.



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                  I thought your entry deserved its own thread, so I split it off. Hope you don't mind.
                  Learn by teaching
                  Take responsibility for learning


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                    I don't mind at all Doug. I adore being taken care of.



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