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  • Shinyberries

    This was so simple I'm almost embarrassed to upload it. I took this image, copied the blue channel as a layer, and set blend mode to luminosity. That's it.

    Well, OK, I did fiddle just a tad with the blend-if controls, but that was an afterthought just to bring out a bit of the darkest shadows.
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    Take responsibility for learning

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    Them are sure pretty strawberries Doug! Where’s some chocolate sauce when you need it!

    Wow, for so few steps, the results are quite impressive. The strawberries almost look metallic. It doesn’t look like the luminosity had any effect on the leaves though. Also looks like emboss was used as well.

    Nicely done,



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      No emboss, honest
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        They're beautiful, but for some reason "chewing on tinfoil" keeps popping into my head...



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          It's amazing how so little can do so much. Tinfoil strawberries? Put a little sugar on them.



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            Oh, Doug, they look delicious! You achieved just the right shine to make them look too good to be real. And, sadly, they AREN'T real...sigh. It's late at night and all the stores are closed...and strawberries aren't in season anyway...and YOU MADE ME HUNGRY FOR STRAWBERRIES! Meanie.



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              That's neat, Doug. And so simple. I can see this technique coming in handy.
              BTW - this site you put together is so deep I've been here 2 months and only now found these Gallery Challenges. Huh.


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