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  • Saddam in Motion

    Mostly just collected a bunch of photos, put them together, added texture, adjusted color, and that's it. I got the idea from Wily Coyote. The cartoon was on and I jumped channel to channel as most guys do and the next station was a news broadcast about Saddam.
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    Interesting thought surfing! I wonder what the results would have been if you went from a cooking show to a talk show like Jerry Springer? You never know where your inspiration will come from. I don't think I would have blurred the anvil, but the blur on the jumpsuit and Saddam's hair gives a great sense of motion. Got to love that U.S. anvil parachute! Nice watercolor texture as well. Great job!



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        I’m trying to think of a line for this one.
        What do you think he’s thinking?

        "Can we negotiate?"


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          Love it! Cartoonish all right. Well done too.



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