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  • Humming Bird

    Here's my submission. This motion was almost too much, still took some sharpening to bring it out.
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    The hummingbird is a great symbol of motion, those little guys never stop! It amazes me that the can stop on a dime in the air, hover there perfectly still except for the beating of their wings, and then just dart off at a blink of an eye.



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      Thanks T Paul. One observation about this challenge is that it is very difficult to find. I found this challenge from the "Home" page and that is the only way I have found to get to it. All the other Challenge links do include a link to this challenge. Maybe I am not looking in the right place?


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        I'm with kevin... hard link to find... had forgotten it several times.. thought it was just me..


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          Gallery Challenge #9 - Motion

          I think your posts belong over there (above link). Maybe if T Paul moves them over, the thread will be easier to find?


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            The posts are in the correct place, but I agree these challenges tend to get overlooked, because you have to go to the gallery forum to find them...not to be confused with the gallery which is completely different

            I'll talk to Doug and see if it is possible to place a link to all the various challenges on this great web site from the CHALLENGES page.




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