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Err... Griffen?

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  • Err... Griffen?

    Yay! See my pretty picture?
    I hope you do...
    Anyways yeah, paint shop pro...
    I cut the wing out of a pic of a pereigrin falcon
    Colorized it tilted and changed the size and whatnot.... Colapsed the whole thing to one layer and added a bit of a motion blur because the wings didn't look quite right
    Um... yeah just the normal stuff....
    Took a lot longer than it should have because I kept undoing every thing.... this is like the 6 'draft' and I think I finally like it.
    Umm... Yay! the end.....
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    Nice one Loren.

    One point I'd like to make though is the balance seems to be a bit off. The cheetah is leaning slightly to his left (you can see a bit of his belly) and the wings seem to be leaning slightly to the right (prolly because of the left wing being higher than the right one).

    (For those of you that didn't catch the Err..., a griffon is supposed to be part lion )
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      HI Loren,

      I like it, whatever inspired you?