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    Well it’s getter rather nippy and I thought this gallery challenge should have something to do with the cold. So for this challenge think icy, frosty or frozen.

    Take a photo and use your manipulation skills, actions, filters and so forth to add a touch of cold to it!

    If you don’t have a photo of your own to work with you can always grab one from the various challenges on this site.

    When you've got your entry, start a thread with either your name or the title of your work. Attach your file to your first post (no URLs, please). We all will still expect some descriptions of how you did it, and you can also include your thoughts about where the idea came from, your creative process, etc.

    As always, this Challenge doesn't expire, ever.

    Here are a few more adjectives to get you in the mood:

    arctic, biting, bitter, bleak, chilly, cool, crisp, cutting, draughty, freezing, fresh, frosty, glacial, ice-cold, icy, inclement, nippy, numbing, penetrating, piercing, polar, snowy, wintry, chilled, unheated, freezing, frozen, numbed, shivering, shivery.
    Got the idea Now go have some fun!