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  • Oops

    Took a photo of my niece last summer. Cut her out and cloned the yard scene. Made 3 layers of the bkgd. Multiplied second.
    Selected the water and added a glass filter to it to start off the freezing. Then added an action from Adobe Exchange: Thrashed's Frozen Brr. It froze the entire second layer. I then replaced my niece and began erasing to simulate having started off sunny and warm and heading into a blizzard. Erased a bit of the frozen layer and a bit of the multiply to show 3 stages. Added wind to one section of the left side. Wanted everyting to fade more, but ran out of time. I enjoyed this and am still giggling.

    See second post for new attachment
    Last edited by dcarr; 12-09-2002, 03:56 PM.

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    hey, that's great Debbie. I sure wouldn't wanna be the one diving into that pool

    - David


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      Now that's going to leave a mark!

      I love the transition from warm and sunny to cold and freezing. Brrrrr! Very nicely done! The only thing that bothers me is the wind filter on her arms...think I would erase that bit out or change the angle so that it looks more like icicles. Just a thought. Lovely results overall!



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        Thanks David, I sent her the picture so I'll see what she thinks.
        T, I added the wind as an afterthought, and you're right, it just doesnt' look right. I was thinking of the blast coming towards her, not blurring her. Oh well, 20/20 hindsight, right!!


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          I still love the results and I bet she does too!



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            OOPS I did it again

            Decided to take you advice T and added a change of my own. I like this one better
            Attached Files


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              Got to hate those flash freezes...there should be a warning or something

              Great job freezing half of your niece's body! I thihk she will like this one too.



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