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  • Blacknight

    Clouds filter, then difference clouds a few times. I started with red and blue foreground and background, but changed with Hue/Sat, so I don't think it matters much. Copied the background and distorted with the wave filter set to square. blend mode to color, then played with Hue/Sat on both layers Ran the Starfield action, set that layer to Screen. Copied starfield layer and ran Flaming Pear's SolarCell, blend mode to overlay. Took Hope and put her on top, blend mode to Luminosity. Blurred the edges and dropped the transparency to about 65%. Flattened and sharpened with KPT Equalizer bounded sharpen.
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    I knew I could count on you for an entry and a great one at that! Very cool results! I like the colors and it definitely has that dream-like haze to it. Well done!



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      Well titled, well conceived, and the perfect subject matter. Nice!



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        Purple, my favorite! It reminds me of a design for an exotic perfume. Good job.


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          by Marnie
          I really like the concept of this challenge.
          I've attached my artistic rendition of a dream below.
          Here's how I did it

          In Photoshop 7
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        • Blacknight
          by Blacknight
          a picture of my flower after a rain. Original was blue, background green.

          Copied the image and ran Eye Candy 3 Antimatter, then did an inverse. That gave me a white flower with yellow/green veins. Set the blend to Difference (Hey Danny!)

          Played with hue/sat on the bottom
          08-08-2002, 06:16 PM