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  • A Nightmare

    I produced this image a while back, I can't remember specifically how it was put together but I do rememberit had more layers than my computer could really cope with! There were loads of layer effects and duplicating of the shoes was a nightmare in itself.

    It was an experimental image where i went back to some images I had created of a deilict mental hospital, I was trying to recreate someones thoughts and posible past experiences that had been in the hospital. The main images that were used were the shoes and bed from the hospital images, a bunny shaped bit from a childrens playground and the arch from a church.

    All comments are very welcome as this image is very much up to the viewer to experience and make there mind up as to what the dream was about - it doesn't have to be a nightmare - you decide...

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    Clare, wow! Your pic is an experience...couldn't stop looking at it...and into it!



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      I like the distressed look and the outward spiraling shoes. I wish that it was a larger version of the image so I could view all the details, as I feel like some are getting lost. I do find that I keep lookng at it trying to see what's in the depth of the shadows then the spiraling shoes bring my eye back to the surface of the image. Very nicely done! And thanks for telling us the background behind the image.



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        Thanks Phyllis and T Paul for your comments,

        here is a larger version for you, there is not a huge quantity of background imagary but what there is is shown better here. The use of black/dark spots are the places for memories to live, and be explorered though your own eyes....

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          My interpretation of this image....

          It's within the depth of the shadows that our past is stored - sometimes it is the most difficult place to look - sometimes the easiest - each individual voice is different here - and each individual place is different here - these are our memories - our experiences - and sometimes our fate.

          What can we do but look back and learn from some of these - the things that are hardest to see hold the deepest emotions - the knowledge they bring as we progress, the deeper we understand our past - but the depth of these experiences is just the beginning of the journey



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            Thanks for posting the larger image. It really shows all the hard work you put into it. Also thanks for sharing your interpretation of the image. It is especially thought provoking and describes the image very well.



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              This is quite interesting. I like the dark colours. They lend a bit of a creepy feeling to it IMO. Sometimes it is only our nightmares that give us glimpses into the deepest darkest recesses of our minds.



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                This reminds me of a mental disease! It looks like they where suffering from paranoia and split personality stemming from a very dark episode in their past


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                  Thanks for all of your input with this image



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                    that is pretty neat, very dreamlike. I like the bigger version better, it is easier to see for me. I like it.


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