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  • Paranoia

    I did this work about a year ago just for the heck of it. All I can say is that it had about 20-25 layers using loads of layer masks to hide or reveal only certain portions of each layer. I extensively used layer blending modes as well to help create some of the effect. A few layers were blurred to varying degrees.
    This image contains about 7 different photos of mine.

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    Double vision, out of focus, texture, borders, depth, feeling…so many great things to explore. Truly an interesting image. I love the sense of depth you created with the text. I also like how the cross hairs gain your eyes attention and then allows them to explore the image only to be pulled back to the cross hairs to start all over again. Well done!

    Of course looking at this image makes me think I need glasses, but then again perhaps I am just being paranoid.



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      Don't worry, you're not really being watched.

      Or are you????


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        I love the natural colours that you have used in this image. They draw you into the image and then you notice the eyes. Is nature really watching you?


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