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  • Crux

    This image is composed of four scans... The face, the moon, the peace-sign/crucifix (a necklace pendant I used to wear in my younger days :-) and a direct scan of a furby-knockoff, to give the whispy effect in the picture.
    The rest is just a lot of brushplay.

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    hmm... apparently the attachment disappears if you choose "preview" before committing the post...

    Here it is then :-)
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      This is a very dark almost ominous image. I don’t think I would awaken from that dream feeling happy. I like the depth and texture in this image…scratchy, course, gritty -- real. The stark white face really contracts with the dark images surrounding it. My eye keeps going there and to that eye. The eye conveys a very strong expression, one that gives you the impression that you are in quite a lot of trouble. And finally, the text passages really tie the composition together. I like the balance of the orange fire in the top right with the orange glowing text in the lower left. What font did you use for the text? Nicely done.



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        The font is called Bearpaw...

        I got it (and other cool free fonts) from


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          Very cool image. My eye keeps getting drawn to the eye near the lower left corner. It is dark and moody. Well done.


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            It is very interesting . Even though your image quotes the Bible it has a very dark and foreboding air to it. Feels sinister to me.


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              Really like this image - the peace symbol looks scarred, and the face in the corner adds to the atmosphere - the type makes you think - really great work



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                Thank you all for the kind words!

                I was actually very pleased with the image myself, but there's nothing like praise and/or constructive critisism to make you want to make more


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