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  • Flight to Phoenix

    Been working on this since I found this site, not sure I remember all the steps or correct order but heres a "best guess". PS-Selected Hawk, cut to clipboard, new layer-solarize, poster edges, adjust color balance/hue & saturation.Pasted back hawk and saved. Photo Impact- select center area, paint red, then effects- twirl. Back to PS- added Bridge, lighting effects-spotlight, Darkened edges and adjusted hue/sat. Back to PhotoImpact and added Frame. Hope thats all of it, next time I'll remember to write down what I did and the settings I used.
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    Very vivid strong image. Powerful to say the least.


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      PhotoShop has some great filters to experiment with and it looks like you have been testing a lot of them! The poster edges and the sharp beveling gives the image a very “strong” feel to it. Nicely done.



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        Nice image. The colors pop out, very vivid.



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