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  • Reason
    I think you did very well. I too see symbolism of peace and the condition of the world. very good.

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  • Cvandever
    I love how everything fits and yet doesn't. Just like my dreams I can never figure them out. GREAT WORK.

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  • T Paul
    I think you have captured the dream theme very well and may have even slipped in an unconscious theme to your dream. You have a peaceful theme bright and clear and up front represented by the lamb and then the concerns of the times hovering in the shadows. Nicely done!


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  • TwinbNJ
    Interesting --- this image has a lot to say --- so many images and words go through our mind when we sleep. I think you have captured that.

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  • charityk
    Thanks A Lot!

    Unfortunatly I don't think symbolically.. It's hard for me to find the symbolism in a stop sign.. Originally the lamb was quite literal in the "counting sheep".. sense.. but I like your take on in it so much more!

    Thanks for your kind words.

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  • TwinANJ
    Charityk....very much of the time and on our minds. I like you put the lamb in the forfront. It is hope. Nice job!


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  • charityk
    started a topic Charity Kilgore

    Charity Kilgore

    So..THis is my first time at the gallery challenge.. Hopefully I did well.

    I thought I would translate Dream literally. This is fairly self explanitory.. things that haunt my dreams....

    Basicall I grabbed about 12 images from and blended them together. Added the film grain filter to the sheep/flowers.. and the fresco filter to the rest of it.
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