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  • Dreamy

    I really like the concept of this challenge.
    I've attached my artistic rendition of a dream below.
    Here's how I did it

    In Photoshop 7
    Started out with a snap shot of myself pretending to hold up a cable on the Golden Gate bridge
    Silhouetted myself using the EXTRACT filter
    Made a new document and using deep red and an golden yellow, applied clouds, then a difference clouds multiple times until I found a texture I liked.
    Added Noise
    Duplicated layer and used LIQUIFY filter to create texture. Applied with HARD LIGHT blending option at 70%
    Duplicated layer again and used RENDER LIGHTING EFFECTS using the “MOUNTAINOUS” option on the RED channel.
    Applied this layer in SCREEN mode at 70%
    Copied pic of self into document and stretched out vertically.
    Used LIQUIFY to exaggerate shape and puddle self at bottom of image.
    Duplicated that layer 4 times setting each to SCREEN at 100%
    Merged all versions of self into one layer and applied in SCREEN mode at 100%
    Duplicated existing self and applied in COLOR BURN mode at 100%
    Hid all but last 2 layers of self
    Drew wings in a new document, using BRUSH, then LIQUIFY, then HARD PASTEL filter then SMUDGE tool.
    Applied a GRADIENT MAP in cool colored tonalities.
    Brought over 2 copies of the newly drawn wings, and skewed one slightly for perspective.
    One copy is applied in MULTIPLY mode
    The other is applied in LINEAR LIGHT mode. Both are at 100%
    Applied a HUE/SATURATION adjustment layer to warm up the overall image.
    Merged all visible layers into a new layer and applied a new Adjustment layer of HUE/SATURATION making the global color more CYAN.
    Merged Adjustment layer to new combined layer
    Applied this new layer to all other layers in COLOR BURN mode at 10%
    That’s it.
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    Very cool Marnie!! I really like this!



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