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9/11--What can we say?

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  • 9/11--What can we say?

    I can't imagine how all of you are dealing with our ongoing tragedy from the horrible events of Tuesday. I'm feeling pretty numb myself, with occasional flashes of anger and sadness.

    I wonder how this little site can help, how I can help anyone or anything in this enormous catastrophe.

    Well, maybe we can't help sift through rubble, or help identify the cowardly madmen responsible, but we can help each other, and perhaps ourselves.

    A friend runs a WWII website, and he has an archive of posters from that era. I look at them and wonder what posters would look like for this war against hate.

    Can you make an image that represents what you're feeling? Or one you feel expresses how we should react?

    What are the posters of this new World War?
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    Interesting that you should bring this up Doug. I was thinking of a similar thing but from a slightly different viewpoint yesterday afternoon - more of an "art therapy" kind of approach. Making a collage of images that represent the various feelings swirling around inside of me. Could be a powerful statement if I could find the right images... -Jeanie


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