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    Interesting challenge. Perhaps nothing has the unique ability to rivet communal attention like the Posters produced during times of National crisis. Propaganda art is probably a more appropriate name. Rallying and sustaining support for the Governing authority is essential to obtaining victory especially in the face of huge losses or potential losses etc., and fear is perhaps the strongest uniting force mankind knows. Fear of mutual destruction can be manipulated to almost any end, which is why its importiant when viewing this type of art to keep that firmly in mind, less one, in a moment of weakness, give up the very things they are afraid of loosing-all in the name of security. Thus the inspiration for this submission-- To instill a sense of impending doom and fear then offer a way out of it by taking a specific concrete action. Here's the recipe:
    (1) begin with background photo of a city street scene.Apply Melancholytron filter.
    (2)take aerial photo of city at night, apply--what else?--Melancholytron filter. Drag and drop into background.Use overlay blend mode and tweak saturation/contrast/tone to liking.Merge with background
    (3)Add text and outline text effect in PS 6 with styles menu, rasterize type,link and merge linked.
    (4)Create new layer. Create closed path with pen tool in shape of half circle, convert to selection, fill with red, apply noise,monochrome.5.0 then gaussian blur
    (5)Duplicate background, drag to top of layer stack,set blend mode to color burn, use eraser tool to clean up over text . Apply noise at previous settings and light gaussian blur, then flatten, and quit. Kinda scarey stuff, this. Tom

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    Excellent work Tom. You must have been working through out the day to get this one out. Very well done.


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      Pardon my insensitive question, but are you old enough to remember the impact of the original posters? Your entry gave me the same feeling I imagine they would have had back in 1942
      Learn by teaching
      Take responsibility for learning


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        Doug, Nothing insensitive at all about your question. I missed that era of History as far as being a living participant, however the study of History has always facinated me. War is an expensive business and financing it can come in one of two ways--voluntary or involuntary. Many of the WW1 and WW 11 posters were designed to raise a fear and loathing of the enemy, thus uniting the country in a common cause, then to give people something concrete they could do to defeat the enemy, a sort of "I'm in this too and fighting this menace" attitude --In this case to "loan" money to finance the astronomical expenses. Other posters like the most excellent one Dj did, provided a solemn reassurance that, despite the present darkness, the light of freedom and victory was still shining. Powerful stuff. In short, some were designed to make the citizenry mad as Hell, some to provide hope and others to raise money. Tom


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          Well done Tom. It gives me goosebumps. You definitely stir strong emotions with this poster.



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            Dj & T. Paul---Thanks for the comments. It is a disturbing image, but then just about everything since Tuesday morning has been. I Love the other entries--uplifting and stirring. Tom


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              Tom, I have to admit that I have a hard time looking at this one. You've done an excellent job at putting it together, but the image brings up the harsh and grim realities of war - something which I feel blessed not to have had to deal with in my life - yet. Thank you for sharing such a powerful image. -Jeanie