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  • Gallery #2 challenge poster

    This may have been one of the most difficult challenges I have ever done but the most healing.

    I found some photos of the damage in New York and the Statue of Liberty and I took a photo of my own flag as a background.

    My background was positioned as I wanted it and then I layered various scenes over and under the Liberty layer. I used layer masks to blend all the layers together as I wanted with Liberty appearing to emerge out of the ashes.

    I used adjustment layers and clicked on group with previous layer for each layer so that I could make adjustments on each layer so they would appear as one scene. I then darkened each layer to appear as night using curves while accenting the highlights for the light source I planned to add.

    For my light source I used the Render – Lighting effects and created a spot light glow upwards from where the Liberty would be coming from. I applied this to the lowest disaster scene layer so it appeared behind Liberty. I also applied a small glow to the torch.

    I used a separate layer above Liberty set to overlay and applied a glow of yellow to the torch and around the base of Liberty. I also used the dodge tool to lighten some of the clouds surrounding her and the highlights on her features.

    To further cast rays of light I used the airbrush with with forground white and set the brush options to fade 25 steps and dragged the cursor out from the brightest spots of the torch and to a greater degree from below Liberty in radial streaks.

    I used the erase tool at various opacities to erase the scenery around the edges to allow the flag layer to show through just a slight bit.

    I then applied the words that spoke my feelings on this situation and used the white and blues to bring out the patriotic colors against the red and white stripes of the flag.

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    I'm still not feeling especially chatty, but I do feel the need to say that this is a good job, and that I'm glad you felt the healing nature I intended for this Challenge.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      Thanks Doug. It turned out to be my tribute to those who died and those who mourn.


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        Very, very powerful DJ! Beautiful job and wonderfully healing. Thanks for sharing it with us. -Jeanie


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          Absolutely wonderful, Dj. Powerful and inspiring. Tom


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            Tom and Jeanie
            Thank you for your nice comments.


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              Frame this one! A very powerful image. I especially like the focus on the Statue of Liberty rising from the rubble. Nicely done DJ!



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                Absolutely fabulous. You've captured my feelings.


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                  Thank you Vikki and T for you encouraging words. I guess inspiration comes through the events of our lives that impact us the most and nothing could be more of an impact than these last few days.


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                    DJ - Stunning imagery!

                    The lighting effects that you created really introduced a greater feeling of hope to the overall image. I also admire how you worked with the flag to create an unusual arrangement - far better than what you can download from the web. The image of the "skeleton' of the WTC was a great selection - looks like the photographer from Time Magazine - he did some fantastic shots in his portfolio, and you made great use of it in your image.



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                      Thanks alot CJ Actually it was a combination of about 3 destruction scenes surrounding the Lady Liberty mostly to get the clouds of dust from. The lighting was the trickiest to get right. Thank you again for you encouragment, I guess our best works come when our heart is involved.


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                        That is beautiful and so encouraging.


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                          Thank you Lorraine. Your comments too are encouraging.


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