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Rebirth of Patriotism

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  • Rebirth of Patriotism

    I am deeply impressed with how America has pulled together in this time of crisis. I heard one report coin the phrase “Rebirth of Patriotism” and decided to use that as my theme.

    Combined pieces of 4 photos.
    1. American Flag
    2. Bald Eagle
    3. People Mourning – photo by Laura Rauch/AP
    4. World Trade Center – photo by Spencer Platt /Getty Images

    1. Used the WTC photo as the bottom layer. Added the other photos each as their own layer.
    2. Erased portions of the mourners photo until just parts of their faces showed in the smoke of the WTC
    3. Copied the eagle’s eye and used the shape to copy a piece of the flame from the WTC. Lowered the opacity layer and placed over the eagle’s eye to create the angry look.
    4. Added the text
    5. Added the frame
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    Magnificent work. Very nicely composed . Tom


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      Another powerful statement! Excellent job! -Jeanie


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        Hi T
        That is just beautiful and a wonderful tribute to the suffering and renewal we are all experiencing now. I lost track of the photos I used so I couldn't credit the proper people for their use. That was very nice on your part. Wasn't it a great way to start the healing process? I guess Doug had the right idea.


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          Thanks for the compliments everyone. You are right DJ that Doug had a wonderful idea with this challenge. It has helped to express myself through the poster, and I have enjoyed viewing everyone else's creations.



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            T, I love the faces that you put in the smoke. That is such a powerful effect. Great job!! -Jeanie


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