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  • Never Again

    Seeing some of the other submissions that I saw on here, here is my humble touch.

    I did this at work while there wasn't anything productive going on.

    an american flag

    An image of Mount Rushmore

    A bald eagle image.

    And the toughest image to get, believe it or not, a "usable" shot of the explosion.

    I don't quite recall the steps that used since I wasn't originally planning on posting on here.

    I put the american flag in the background, with mount rushmore on the next layer. I put a mask on this layer and did a gradiant on it.

    I got the eagle, and resized it until it looked right.

    Finally, I got the WTC photo and put that on the last layer and put a radial gradiant mask on there.

    The words just came naturally.

    I went ahead and put on my email address and emailed it to a friend.

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    Most excellent, Rick. Moving, inspiring and determined. A hats off to you. Tom


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      Hey Rick a most excellent and inspiring work. Very meaningful and I love how you blended things so well that even without the words the meaning was there.

      I just have to ask this. Were did you find the nice shot of the flag? I hunted all over for a waving flag and finally went outside and took a pic of my own. I know what you mean about the damage scenes being difficult to find that are useable too. Again very nice job.


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        Well done. I like the statement “Never Again” and that the date is remembered. A well composed poster and very inspiring.



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          I don't honestly remember where I got most of the images.

          I believe that I might have gotten the Flag from Webshots somewhere and it took me a good hour to select from a couple of dozen that I liked. If you want, I can email you the 3 that I thought were good, but didn't make the cut for some reason or another.

          I also believe that I got Rushmore from Webshots as well, again, it took me another hour to sift and decide on which.

          I have an excellent Statue of Liberty that I didn't use because it would have made the photo simply look "TOO" busy.

          The real challenge was getting the WTC pic.

          I believe I had to sift through 1400 or so photos somewhere on yahoo before I could find the "right" one.

          I swear, I don't know how I could work as a graphics person on the news broadcast for CNN or local news. I'd go nuts.

          More power to ya', if there are any of you guys out there.



          One of my favorite websites added a graphic which might be useful to most of you.

          This is also a good place to see what you might be able to do with additional software out there. I can only hope that I can be as good as this particular webmaster.

          Last edited by Rick; 09-15-2001, 12:55 AM.


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            Thanks Rick
            I bookmarked that site for future reference. No need to send the flag shots. I only asked becuse I had such a hard time getting any decent flag shots on a web search and when I did they were thumbnails for flag sellers. I ended up using my own flag so it worked out. Wish I would have known about your liberty because that took time to find also. I spent more time locating the shots than I did creating the poster. I do agree about the task of graphic artists for broadcast. Very busy people especially when something big like this comes up. Thanks again and look forward to seeing more of your designs if they ever have another challenge like this or just up on the gallery page.


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              Rick, Very well put together - and a very powerful statement! -Jeanie


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                Beautiful image!

                BTW, I love use the backgrounds there for lots of personal photos and stuff!

                (Wow, I'm so glad I found this place! Down to earth people with my same hobby! How cool!)

                Looking forward to more posting.



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                  Hi Samantha. Welcome to the site. Stick around and enjoy all of the forums. There is a wealth of information and entertainment here.


                  I don't know how I missed this thread, but I guess I worked real hard at it! Beautiful job on a very strong image.