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  • Justice

    It took me until today to have the motivation to create a graphic more complex than the one I created on tuesday (see next message).

    This graphic consists of four parts.

    1. The image of the WTC. Desaturated image and pointillized it using an India Ink filter from Flaming Pear. Did not want the focus to be on the tragedy but did need to use it as the base element. Faded it slightly over a white background layer.

    2. The Flag. Grabbed the flag from another source and faded it slightly over the WTC layer.

    3. Uncle Sam. One of the most interesting versions of Uncle Sam I have ever seen. Originally from a provocative W.W.II poster, I cut it out and pasted it in here with some minor touch up.

    4. A good quote. A quote from the President added over the flag with a slight drop shadow used.

    And that's my poster - old and new together.
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    Tuesday graphic

    This is the graphic I did on tuesday for my web site.

    I don't recall the specific steps but this is the general description:

    Grabbed two patriotic images, added heartfelt words, and a black fade in from the sides.

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      You might also notice that the flag image used is from the 1940's and doesn't have 50 stars.



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        Hi Scott
        Both are excellent. I really liked your poster. It shows the strength of feeling behind the American anger toward this tragedy and our resolve to bring justice to our lost ones. Not to mention you creation is very well done, very professional looking. You can tell our motivation was strong behind this challenge by the beautiful works that everyone has submitted. The banner was a good design for your website as it shows your patriotism very well.
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          Great work Scott. That says it all. Tom


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            Scott mentioned to me in another conversation that the newspaper frontpages of today are the modern equivalent of the original WWII posters. I find this a particularly intriguing idea.
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              Your poster is nicely composed. I really like the image of Uncle Sam, especially since he is rolling up his sleeves indicating that he means business. Also good touch with the quote you chose. It ties it all together. Well done!



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                Scott, I love your poster. Such a unique yet powerful image. Definitely evokes the feeling that we mean business! Thanks for sharing it! -Jeanie