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    This won't help in the healing process, it's not supposed to, but it does seem to capture the madness of it all. I made it a couple hours after watching the towers collapse. Some people think it's ugly, others think it's beautiful.
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    Mig, It speaks eloquently. Congrats on a unique way of capturing the horror we must never forget. Tom


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      You expressed your thoughts beautifully through your art. The healing in this challenge is supposed to be for each one who expresses themselves through thier work but we also get something from your beautiful work too by your sharing it with us. It's vivid and sharp edged but beautiful and it is a magnificant abstract on the destruction. Thank you for sharing it with us


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        Mig, I happen to think it's beautiful - a very visual statement of your feelings. It's interesting that since Tuesday I've heard some people say that although the tragedy is horrendous, if you look at the actual images of the buildings collapsing (without thinking of the people inside or the damage being done), the visual effect is stunning. I happen to have a hard time separating out the visual effects from everything else, but perhaps that's some of what your image provokes as well. -Jeanie


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