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  • Unfallen Bricks

    I am glad to see I am not the only one who felt the need to create something in honor of the tragic events that have occured in our great country. They managed to knock down our towers, but they missed a few bricks! - Carl
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    I like that. Good conceptual image.
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        I really like your title "Unfallen Bricks". Such a strong concept, and you did a great job implementing it with the brick texture in the American Flag. Well done!

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          Great job. Strong and effective. Tom


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            I really loved how you did this one. I was very moved by it and I too loved the unfallen bricks concept. These in the Gallery Challenges have to be some of the finest entries I have ever seen. I knew you all were talented but when your hearts are so totally involved you have shown your talents to the extreme. A truly excellent addition to this challenge Carl.


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              Thank you for your kind compliments of this montage. - Carl


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                Well done! A very powerful statement! -Jeanie


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                  I am steadied by the concept of our flag and all it symbolizes as unfallen bricks. I admire your ability to think in a unique, direct manner, and love your image.


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                    Every one of the submissions has been great. Yours is no exception. Nice job.



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                      I was kind of touched by this...

                      I posted the "unfallen bricks" montage on a graphic art newsgroup, shortly after I posted it here.

                      I received a request from a lady asking me if she could use it in her church bulletin.

                      Low and behold the other day in the mail she sent me copy. I was happy that someone thought it was good enough to use, and I will consider this my first published graphic. I just wish it would have had a very different theme.

                      If you want to take a look at the bulletin go to-


                      hit the graphic art link and you will see a thumbnail of it which you can click for a larger view - Carl
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                        Congratulations Carl. However when I click on the link I get an error message. Actually it says "sorry, the page you requested is not in service"


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                          Sorry about the wrong url

                          my web address just changed about a week ago and I messed up the link I gave. Here is the correct one


                          Sorry about that - Carl


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                            That made all the difference. The bulletin looks great. Must feel real good to know that they thought it worthy to publish. I haven't had anything published yet so I envy your talent.


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                              Congratulations, Carl! Your work deserves publication.


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