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  • Innocence

    I just don't know what to say about this picture...but I just went with my feelings on this one and not much more I can say other than I feel so terribly bad for the families of these victims.
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    Hi Chris
    It's hard to look at your tribute without seeing the faces of the families grieving for thier lost loved ones. What a beautiful reminder that we lost so many talented and wonderful people in this tragedy. Truly the greatest loss beyond mere steel and glass. I know the families mourning would love this tribute. Beautiful work Chris.


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      Beautiful Chris! My thoughts are moving in this direction as well - that of the innocent lives taken. Buildings and planes can be replaced, but not the people who were in them. You've created a beautiful tribute to both the victims and their families. -Jeanie


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        Thank you all...

        I pulled as many victim photos as I could fit in the space I had...needless to say there are many more.

        I was saddened to see the families that were on the planes. Parents with their children, etc.

        It's bad enough when a family loses an individual member, but to lose an entire family is beyond comprehension.

        All of the people depicted in this picture are victims who were in the planes as well as the trade center.


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          Wonderful work, Chris. It really hits home. Tom


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            Great job Chris.



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              It's the people.

              Excellent job.


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                Innocence lost…. A very nice poster. You did an excellent job incorporating photos of the victims. Such a personal tribute and reminder of the innocent lives that have been lost. Nicely done.



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