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    Here is another that I was somehow came together while I was listening to Bush's speech.

    I searched for as many of the victim's pictures as I could and tried to arrange them as best as I could and on individual layers I had given each layer a mask to try to compliment eachother as I could and when I was satisfied with the placements, I flattened the faces onto a single layer.

    I found the flag and decided to make that the background and simply let it be.

    I got the image of the eagle and fighter from and found the image of the towers. Again, an exhaustive search. (which infuriated me because I saw most of these same images while I was looking for "Never again"

    A friend of mine came over and asked if I could make it a certain resolution for his screen...

    so now I have it as 1280x1024, 1024x768, and can convert it to others if anyone is interested.

    I'm only posting a low res version, but have others if anyone is interested.

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    Nice job Rick,

    I guess the Texas vibes were running strong on this one. I too feel that our upcoming battle is for the innocent and it's a matter of justice, not revenge.

    Nice work!


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      Another excellent job. Very beautiful and moving poster.


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        I like the touch of including the personal pictures of the victims. Another nice tribute.



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          Very well put Rick. I really like it.



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            Very well done. I also like the idea of using the pics of the people. Important to have faces to this terible crime.


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