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  • 911

    I found this board via the Photoshop user forums, and thought I'd drop in with my image.

    Trying to sort it all out and I natutally turn to digital art.

    Lady liberty and eagle is from Hemera Photo Objects. NYC skyline is also from Hemera.

    The Candle is my own digital photo

    The map is a scan.

    This happened the day after my 44th birthday, and my cousin's boyfriend worked on the 25th floor of tower 2. Luckily he was running late that morning, and they both are fine, Thank God.
    Last edited by Roo; 09-17-2001, 04:56 AM.

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    I guess my image didn't upload....trying agian.
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      Welcome aboard. The poster you added to this collection was a very beautiful tribute. I liked how well you got the glow from the candle on the Statue of Liberty. Excellent job.


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        Stirring and touching. Nice job of placing and blending the candle. Tom


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          Welcome to the forum. I like the candle imagery and the warm color tone your chose. You can almost feel the warmth of the candle as you look at this poster. Very nice tribute.



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            Welcome Roo. Thanks for sharing an excellent piece of work. It has a nice touch to it.



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