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  • Freedom is not free

    I've had so many emotions swirling around inside me that I found another image forming in my mind. So, I spent a few hours yesterday creating this one. Yes, it's completely different than my first one. Instead of hope, I think this one is my fear - or perhaps resignation of what lies ahead in the days to come.

    I found photos of JFK's tomb and his quotes inscribed in the walls surrounding it. I also found a photo of a wall inscribed with "Freesom is not free" from the Korean war memorial. Those became the theme for my image.

    How I did it:

    For the bottom section, I created a sandstone textured area. Then laid "engraved" text over it and adjusted the perspective.

    Found a photo of Arlington National Cemetary and selected out just the gravesites. Moved that to its own layer.

    Found a flag on the site Doug gave us and brought that in on its own layer. Lowered the opacity.

    Found a photo of the Statue of Liberty and brought that in. Added a lens flare behind the torch (on the flag layer) and added a spotlight on the torch itself.

    Created the tear drops on their own layer.

    Added the embossed "Freedom is not free" text.

    Like I said, this is completely different than my first one, but speaks to my conflicted emotions over our future.

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    A disturbing image, and you make your point quite well. I find it particulary interesting when viewed with CJ's image in memory.
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      I, too, have more than one type of reaction to Tuesday's horror, and am glad that you are sharing your other feelings with us. Many of us, no doubt, are feeling sorrow, anger, shocked disbelief, fear, worry about the future of our young ones...

      I am especially impressed with the "splash" of Liberty's tears on the stone. Your selection of text is so appropriate.

      Good work! It is really heartwarming to me to see so many of the creative works submitted here and at relating to Tuesday's attack.


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        Very powerful message and perhaps a foreshadow of the hard times to come. Excellent job!



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