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  • United We Stand

    I have enjoyed looking at everyone’ s creations so much that I decided to make another poster.

    1. Found a graphic with the statue of liberty with a flag background and used that as my background layer.

    2. Copied and pasted the statue of liberty on it’s on layer. Adjusted the hue/saturation to increase the green hue and added a drop shadow.

    3. Copied the torch and placed on own layer. Applied color Dodge at 50%.

    4. Duplicated the torch layer. Applied Color burn at 40%. This gave the torch more of an intense glow.

    5. Opened a picture of a dove and copied and pasted onto it’s own layer. Added a drop shadow.

    6. Copied the red stripes form the flag and moved to its own layer.

    7. Copied numerous photos from the web and positioned them on the flag. Once they were in place, I selected the red stripes layer, inverted the selection and then deleted the photos that fell outside the stripes. Now the photos fit perfectly in the stripes.

    8. Copied the red folds from the red stripes and made its own layer. Lowered the opacity and placed above all the pictures.

    9. Applied a monochrome channel mixer to the stripes to reduce the business of all the colors.

    10. Moved the red stripe layer above the photos, changed to screen at 55% to give the photos a hint of red color.

    11. Added text. Duplicated text, made red and rendered the text. Shifted the red text over and down and added a motion blur.

    12. Added a frame

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    Highly cool. Would make a great postage stamp.
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      Wow - how creative! So much detail, and yet the overall tone of the image is powerful. Great work! -Jeanie


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        Doug and Jeanie thanks for the kudos. I really enjoyed making the posters!



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          Very nicely done T. There's a lot of information in little space. As small as that dove is, it's one of the first things that caught my eye.



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            I’m glad that dove caught your eye. I gave it a slightly darker shadow to help it stand out, and it looks like it worked.

            My first attempt at this I had all the photos in their normal colors which helps you see their details, but was a little distracting so I added the monochrome channel mixer. I also had images in the blue field of the flag, but that was definitely too distracting.



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              The image is strong, and the technique is professional.
              Great job!


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                Very Nice T!

                I really like how you've incorporated the mini pictures into the stripes on the flag..

                Good Job!


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                  Hi T
                  Very powerful imagery with the scenes in monotones of red inside the red stripes. Great job. Very thought provoking.


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                    Full Color Version

                    Here is the full color version of the poster....

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