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  • To everyone here

    I haven't had time to respond to all of the submissions here, but I've looked at all of them and they are so wonderful and helpful to me. At this time I also want thank everyone who commented on my first submission.

    Most importantly, I saw the note to Jeanie from Ingrid that others are looking at this site and finding comfort here. That in itself speaks so highly of all of you here and how beautiful your work is.

    I agree that emotions and the world is changing by the day. I, like Jeanie, spent some time doing another image. Over this weekend, I used one of the flags from Doug's link and tried to incorporate it into my thoughts at the time. I've since revised it, as my thoughts are changing by the minute. On Saturday, this image was to represent my need for justice for those who were injured or died. Today, that same image is a little more in doubt and a lot more in hope and prayer for our future.

    Oh, how did I do it -- of course I used PSP7. I made a mask from the World Trade Center photo stolen from CNN. I overlayed that on one of the flag images from Doug's link. Erased part of the mask to bring the flag and Statue of Liberty into full color.

    Added a yellow and white gradient overlay to represent light shining on Lady Liberty. Set that layer to a multiply blend mode and erased the lower part to lighten the color on the lower part of the flag. I then had a problem with naming the image. I decided on stand beside US and guide US....accent on "US"

    That's it for today. Tomorrow I might rename it.

    Thank you all so much for this place.

    Last edited by Lorraine; 09-19-2001, 01:27 PM.

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    and now I'll really try to attach the image.
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      That's a pretty strong image. I really like the way you used the colors and the lighting. Nice work.



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        Nice play on words and nice imagery.



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          Another great image to add to our growing collection! I love the lighting - and the way you left a little of the fire explosion coming "through" the flag. Very powerful image! -Jeanie


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            Nice Job.

            So many good posters and designs that it's such a shame we can't publish them...but at least it's helping all of us to express our feelings and give us added strength.


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              Beautifully done Lorraine. Very powerful statement.


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                Thank you all for your very kind comments.


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