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    I was impressed by an article I read this week, titled "Open Letter to a Terrorist". It is attributed to an 18 yr. old man, Charles Brennan from Florida and can currently be read at

    I started thinking about what civilization would lose if the terrorists would win -- freedom to think independently, to create freely, to love openly, to explore all that mankind is capable of trying. I chose the symbol that to me connotes the most daring exploits of mankind to date. I over-emphasized the explosion of the WTC to make it more visible, and to stress a point.
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    Very inspirational. I really like the message in this one. Nice effect by adding the explosion to the world too. I like your choice of an outer space view as the people up there did say that they could see the explosion from space.

    One suggestion, move the top text down a bit to create a larger space at the top and connect it more so with the second part of the message. This will center the text within your poster and make it easier for the eyes to read. Great job!



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      I agree with your suggestion - I was having trouble keeping the text big enough to read without "writing over" the Earth.


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        Nice job CJ,

        That explosion effect was very good.

        Also the letter from that young man is very nice to read as I think it expresses just how all of america feels.

        Thanks for sharing it.


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          I love how you emphasized the disaster by viewing it from space. Very unique perspective. The words were very well said. Excellent job and very beautiful tribute.


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            Nice job on providing something different. Thanks for sharing.



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              -T, Chris, DJ, Ed

              Thanks for viewing, and the kind words.

              I thought the letter deserved to be shared, and was impressed with the mature viewpoint of such a young man. A few thousand barbaric terrorists lack the ability, and probably even the intent, to win a military victory over the U.S. and other nations. But they can hope to stir up fear, rage, hatred, and distrust that is so much a part of human nature, and sit back while we destroy what they couldn't touch. They will find out that they are mistaken once again as all the Free World peoples stand together, trusting in each other, to bring the killers to justice. Of course, it won't be that simple, and there will still be bickering between nations, but perhaps we all will remember this time what is truly important to us.

              It is such a waste for a young wealthy man like Osama bin Laden to be sitting out in the desert plotting death and destruction when he could be using his time to discover a cure for a deadly disease, combatting ignorance, or discovering new realms of the Universe. (I know a barren asteroid that would make a lovely new home for him - he could spend his time digging new caves.)


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