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  • Cloud Critters

    Hi All, this was fun

    Started with a photo of sky and clouds

    Used Liquify, Clone and some moving of sections of clouds around.

    I like the idea that when one looks at clouds, we each see different things. Some will see figures where I didn't put any ... kind of like real life clouds ... then there is the mystery of what the figures are. And the placement and definition of the figures is not quite perfect. Like the nature of clouds ...

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    Ooooh, I see a bear, and a ghost, and a .... Lovely job, Roger!

    Great idea! Used to "find things" in the clouds when I was a kid (only take the time once in a while nowadays), but hadn't even thought about the fact that PShop gives the Power to make my own Cloud objects.


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      Thanks CJ,

      I have a sometimes twisted, kinda dry, sometimes punny, layers of perception kind of humor. It gets me into trouble some times when people don't know that I am kidding. The idea of these clouds - like the clouds landscape that almost doesn't look like clouds at the bottom - really makes me smile

      And just so you know, I really do appreciate you. You take the time to respond to everyone, and sweetly. Thanks



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        Very fun Roger! Every time I look at it (and I've looked a few times now), I see something new. I can almost see the clouds moving and transforming before my eyes. Very creative idea - and (of course) a great implementation!



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          Roger great use of the liquify filter and what fun! I swear I see a duck, a dog complete with collar, a teddy bear, a cat, and an elephant in there. Great job and bonus points for being the first to attempt this challenge and double bonus points for getting the viewer to interact with the image as they try to see what critters they can find!



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            Jeanie & T Paul

            Thanks You two and CJ are of the cream here. Both in talent and generosity.

            Maybe we should have a cloud challenge ... it would be fun and interesting to see and share the different fluffy cloud twists and turns of our varied nimble minds in action ...



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              That's a great idea and really sounds like a fun challenge. I'll talk to Doug about it.



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