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  • T Paul
    What a fun abstract use of the liquify filter and blending modes. I love all the movement and texture you have created with them. It’s almost hypnotic as your eye wanders around the image following the various swirls and twirls. I’m not a fan of the glowing rectangle, but I can see your point for using it, as it does immediately focus your attention on the center. Very creative results!

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  • roger_ele
    Great detail, looks like a very complicated piece of hand done art. My eye still floats all over it, but when I turn my head to make it a vertical (either direction - if you do it fast it is even more fun) I see tentacles in the square that look loke tree roots framed by the soft art around it and all of a sudden it comes together for me.


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  • G. Couch
    started a topic Liquid Abstract

    Liquid Abstract

    Pretty simple to create this one...I just took a photo of some dried flowers, duplicated it 5 times and applied the Liquify filter in different ways to each layer. I then changed the blending modes and opacity of each layer until I got an image I liked...along with a few Hue/Sat and Curves adjustments. The middle rectangle with the soft glow around it was created at the end as a way to create some contrast with the "liquid" and organic shapes. Without it, the image has some interesting shapes but your eye goes all over the place.
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