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    I know this thread has been here long but I just stumbled upon it.
    I have another project running for the green thread but that will take a while. In the meantime I would like to upload this image.
    Not special you should say, well off course this is right but, in fact this was a completely RED display in a window shop.
    In photoshop it just takes changing the hue and voila.
    But green is also an energy, one of the colors that the human eye can see in a very vast spectrum.
    Green is in fact my favourite color. It is cool, restful. If you think about it here on earth everything depends on it. If the plants' chlorophyll couldn't change the sun's energy in biomatter that makes it edible for us and animals we would have nothing to eat. That's how important GREEN is. And now eat you broccoli children!
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    Now that’s a green image! Nice job changing the hues from red to green.


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