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    very difficult this one. Sort of illusive quality. You know what it means but...
    Very nice entry's from Blacknight and T Paul.
    I've little hope to live up to the two of you but here goes :
    Lovely how you can experiment with these challenges.
    I took an eye from my son and hued and saturated it. Color dodge over the original.
    I've got samples from glass sellers and put one on top.
    Ran luce plug-in for light and set layer to darken.
    copy this layer and run luce again. mode set to multiply.
    Made an edge that goes with the picture. It was difficult to get the layers to be transparent and don't lose too much of the color. Anybody knows any tips for that?

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    Gina, you have created a very striking image - this would make a great CD cover! I love the texture you developed. Very cool look!

    As for controlling the layer’s color while lowering the opacity, well I guess that’s a trade off you will just have to work with. I think it will greatly depend on the layers you are working with. If they are all relatively the same color tone then their colors won’t alter that much, but if you have one layer with a very strong color and you lower the opacity of the others, well the more you lower their opacity, the more that bold color is going to dominate the images, because as you lower opacity you are allowing more of the other layers to show through. Perhaps someone else will have a better answer.


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      thx T Paul.

      I suppose that's mastering the program to the fullest if you really know in advance what you are aiming for AND getting it

      I'm still so way of that but it is with challenges like this I stretch this knowledge because you really have to try and find a solution to a problem.

      see ya



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