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  • LidoBlu

    Well, I see no one has posted here in a very long time. Since I like this idea very much and I'm new to the forum I will start it again by going through all the challenges.
    It will be a challenge.

    I went thorough my photos looking for something I thought would be a good subject and found a photo I had taken of a display of skulls. I thought Halloween, ghostly..somehow in my head it went with the theme.

    The steps:
    Liquify. default settings
    Underpainting using Morning glass texture, invert
    Andromeda Scatterlight, multiple filter
    Motion Blur
    Unsharp Mask

    If anyone would like the original to work with just ask.

    I am still unable to attach a file although saving for the web. (sigh)

    Blacknight I love the flower. It's a fantasy pic. Great colors and dreamlike. I would like it better without the frame but that's just my taste. All it needs is a little fairy hovering around somewhere.


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    LidoBlu, first off welcome to RetouchPro and thanks for awakening some of the older gallery challenges!

    I like your Halloween theme idea. I don’t get as much of a strong translucent theme to this as I do a nightmare or chaotic theme. The motion blur you applied to the skulls makes me think of it as a bad dream. Very cool effect, almost like being in a crowd of demons, or some nighttime Halloween parade! I really like the chaotic sense of motion you have created. Nicely done!



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