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  • Invisible

    Have you seen those magazine clothing ads where the clothes look like they are on a body, but there isn’t a body there? Well in this challenge that is exactly what you are going to do!

    Challenge: Take a photo with a person or people and remove the people, but leave their clothes so that it looks like the clothes are on invisible people. Beginners can mask out everything but the clothes and put the clothes on a new background. For those that want more of a challenge keep the existing background, but remove the people from their clothes. Remember to make it as realistic as possible and to explain your technique.

    When you are finished with your entry post it to this thread (no URLs, please). As always this challenge never expires!
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    I copyied and pasted the left side of the TV and flipped it to make the right side. Went to original layer and used the lasso to copy the shirt. Painted in the back part of the collar. Removed the hands with the clone tool.
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      well done Jill!

      I'm still looking for a suitable pic so as to be able to do that at all LOL



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        Great work on the TV Jill! There are a few rough edges and color change around the collar and sleeve, but other than that an excellent job! I really like your results and hope others will attempt this challenge!

        And for those of you who hate photos of yourself, this is one way to clean them up (wink)!



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          Model missing...

          Hmmmm, interesting're right, finding the right picture at first seemed easy...but then once I got into it, I found there was more to getting the backgrounds, shadows, etc to look right.

          This wasn't too tough...redid the background to remove her, fixed the shadow to reflect the missing body parts (namely, upper torso, head, and arm).

          Remove foot in the shoe, fixed the chandelier and various vents, cropped and adjusted perspective a bit.

          Was fun...

          Oh, and blurred out the audience members since I don't have their names and/or permissions.
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            Nicely done and thanks for trying your hand at this challenge Jeffrey! I especially like the shoe without the foot. Nice detail there!

            Note, you could have made the audience invisible too, verses just blurring their faces.



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              great job Jeffrey !!! I agree with T - the shoe without the foot is perfect.

              "Hmmmm, interesting're right, finding the right picture at first seemed easy...but then once I got into it"
              Jeffrey - I started on 4 or 5 photos untill I found one that would work without killing myself! LOL


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                I left my watch on that is the black band on the curtains.
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                  Invisible Cheerleader


                  Go Team Go! What a fun subject and all you are missing are some pompoms to help define your hands. The watch on your wrist was a good idea to leave, but gets lost in the curtains and is such a small detail that I don’t think I would have realized it was a watch unless you had mentioned it. Good job duplicating the curtains and couch to cover up the body of the cheerleader. There are some blurry areas where the body used to be, but overall nicely done! Next time try cropping out some of the extraneous elements on the left and right of the cheerleader in order to bring more attention to your subject. I hope your had fun working on this challenge. So what was tougher to work on the curtains or the couch?


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                    That is a great picture to use for this!
                    You did a great job. I am a hold out on 600x800
                    so it was a little hard to see the full effect.


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                      let me see if I understand this challenge.... is this what you mean ?
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                        Too invisible mooning! Nice job remembering to edit the reflection in the puddle too.

                        The only thing is that you just masked out the moons; it seems that you missed out on the 3D effect. You should be able to see the inside front part of their shirts and pants allowing you to look down into their pants and up their shirts if they were truly invisible. Think of it as looking into a would see all the walls. Just a thought. Still a very funny photo!


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                          re moontrain

                          well actually I got that... but decided the clothes from that distance would blur out the actual mooning... Glad you took it in good humor...



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                            ROTFLMAO !!!

                            Now that is funny !!!


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                              [QUOTE=TwinbNJ]ROTFLMAO !!!

                              Thanks Jill ... neat job on the neck of your's.