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If cats restored old photos

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  • If cats restored old photos

    This was inspired by a wacky conversation I was having with someone, and I thought it would make a cute Challenge, though a bit light-hearted to be an 'official' Restoration Challenge.

    Use your imagination. Aside from the fact they couldn't leave the mouse alone, what would a restoration done by a cat with a cat's sensitivities look like?

    Use your own old photos or steal from the Archives.

    Definitely NOT a serious Challenge

    Start a new thread for your entry, attach your image to your description (just because this isn't serious doesn't mean we don't need killer descriptions)

    Have fun.
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning

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    Doug, what a fun challenge! I can’t wait to see what creative results this forum submits! Lucky for me I have a cat. Looks like he will finally get his chance in the spotlight! (*GRINS*)



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      I must admit you definately have a good imagination. Who would have ever though of an idea like that? I can't wait til entries start coming for this one.


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        i would simply like to say that if cats ran this website i feel certain they would not have a gallery challenge speculating as to the end product of photo restoration if humans could do it.


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          and yet we cannot help ourselves. i think it was matt who said about the hypnotic whatever. he may have something


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            Originally posted by kathleen
            if cats ran this website
            Interesting concept
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            Learn by teaching
            Take responsibility for learning