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Ginger - a 17 yr. old Photoshop expert who prefers chicken to fish

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  • Ginger - a 17 yr. old Photoshop expert who prefers chicken to fish

    A 17 year old feline Photoshop expert, Ginger, explains the steps involved in her image restoration:

    "I selected the image, 'Ziggy’s Mum' for restoration.
    First ran the Dust and Cat Scratches filter very strongly and used the History brush to eliminate large cracks and scratches.
    Used Levels and Hue & Saturation adjustment layers to eliminate orange discoloration.
    [Orange- brown simply looks better on cats than it does on humans.]

    To properly restore photo to natural condition, elements were added; such a lovely child would have obviously been under the supervision of the family cat.
    [I have offered my services to sit in for this one restoration simply because there was no other suitable choice.]
    Color was retained for my coat simply because I wanted it. A drop shadow and lighting pattern were added to match the lighting of the original.
    [ If you don’t think that it’s a perfect match, you’re wrong, and you’re probably a dog.]

    The lower portion of this image has been left in its natural, unrestored state because its elements were too damaged and of no real importance to the image as a whole. A final Gaussian blur was added to certain portions of the image to reduce distracting elements.

    Thank you for providing a stimulating exercise. If you have any questions, don’t bother me – I’m napping."
    Click here to see:
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    Nice work. Excellent description. Pretty kitty. Nice kitty. Heeere kitty kitty...
    Learn by teaching
    Take responsibility for learning


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      Love it! And the description is purrrr-fect! That's what I like about this group.



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        Big Thumbs Up

        You sure got the tune of this challenge purrr-fect!! The sharp focus and color on the Main attraction and the faded scratched look on the dog were great along with the unimportant human subject of course only to frame out the true beauty of our feline artist. Great job CJ!! I had cats and I still had a hard time trying to imagine how to go about this one. You hit it dead on.


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          I only did what Ginger told me to do - as usual. Open the can of tuna NOW, empty the litter box NOW, make a lap for me to lie down on NOW...

          It will be interesting to see what other's cats tell them to do...


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            I just took a look at that and couldn't help laughing. I'm not sure what the cat is trying to do - whether it be a sinister hypnotist, ready to pounce on you and scratch you to death etc. The cat just looks so mean and stupid... it's hilliarous!! The contrasting colours really do add greatly to the image and give it a great quality.


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              All cats are sinister least they think they are.
              Learn by teaching
              Take responsibility for learning


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                Doug: "All cats are sinister least they think they are."

                Quite so! They will us to do their bidding, and many of us comply, willingly - that purr will lull me into thinking that I really didn't want to get up and wash the dishes instead of being sat on by a cat.

                Matt: "The cat just looks so mean and stupid... it's hilliarous!! "

                Hmmm, I can't figure out what I did in PShop that would have made a lovely, sweet, affectionate, intelligent cat like Ginger appear mean and stupid to someone. I'll have to try harder next time.


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                  I love Ginger's restoration, she's quite talented. :-)
                  I guess she would agree with what my cat tells me "Dogs have masters and cats have slaves." hehehe


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                    nyuk nyuk nyuk

                    oh cj, too funny.

                    i know ginger must regard her impact (obviously she feels responsible) on your sense of humor with satisfaction


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                      <"Dogs have masters and cats have slaves." >

                      Sanda, that's a good one!

                      Kathleen, Ginger does regard her impact on me with satisfaction, but only in reference to my grocery shopping habits: I continue to purchase canned chicken (the type for people, not cats) for her. She eats cat food also, but loves to have some real chicken once in a while.

                      Glad you enjoyed her restoration job!


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                        That’s one cat that definitely looks like she is the dominant one. Her expression to me says mess with me…I dare you. I also love the description. Well done!



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                          T Paul - Ginger says thank you! But she's not THE dominant cat - that's Cupcakes. Cupcakes has been top cat for a while, and when my top dog died recently, she promoted herself to top dog also -- neither of the other dogs wish to argue the point.
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