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Cats rule (or think they do)

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  • Cats rule (or think they do)

    Fortunately, since I'm not real big on cats, Sheba doesn't realize that she's a cat
    Watching my haphazard go at Challenge#9, apparently Sheba determined the subjects were actually members of hergroup. While I was out running errands, she tried her paw at #9. She didn't leave a decription, detailed or otherwise. We have to guess how she does a whole lot of things around here so that really isn't unusual...perhaps the mouse actually did it.
    (Sheba's the white one on the left)
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    Sheba is obviously a talented lady, and also quite beautiful!
    (as are the other two -- don't want to irk a cat).


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      Very cute. Love that little pink mouse down on the corner.


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        Very cool! Kinda reminds me of the mafia!



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