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  • Object scanning

    An inspirational story:

    So what can you do?

    Use your flatbed to scan real world objects and post them in this thread. Either post the straight scan, or play with it and see what you can create.
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    I have seen this mentioned before and thought i would have a go but never got round to it, so i thought today i would give it a quick go ( wrong ) took time trying to think what to scan raining today so anything from the garden is wet etc so found some artificial flowers and tried them without the the lid on and with (not so good) tweaked a little in ps now i will have to give some serious thought to it. I know Patricia Kay has posted a photo of some shells she had scanned , also i looked up scan art in Wikipedia which included some links to "scan artists" looked at some but not all this is a very interesting subject. Thank you Doug for bringing this to the fore should get interesting

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      The article mentions she got the deep background black by leaving the lid off. What it doesn't mention, but I must assume due to the obvious fragility of some of her subjects, is that she built some sort of frame to hang objects from. This way they could get close to the scanner glass without touching it (see the delicate stamens that aren't bent or flattened in any way). But it's just a guess.
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        There are more examples here

        I especially like this one

        A frame is usually made to hold the objects to prevent them from getting squashed.
        The objects and frame can then be covered with a black cloth to prevent stray light entering the scanner.

        Cling film can be used on the glass for scanning ‘messy’ objects.



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          Well this looked like fun so I had to give it a try. For lack of a better object I scanned in my aircon remote. I took the lid off but the background was all white. So I the second time I switched all the lights off pulled down the blinds and, hey, it worked. I did notice some banding on the black background. You can't really see it in the attachment because I cropped it to make it smaller. Is there something wrong with my scanner? Also I noticed a lot of dirt on the glass. What is the best way to clean it without damaging it. Finally, the article mentions that because the scanner is flat there should be no blurring of the edges but there is clear blurring on the edges of the remote. Why would this be?


          Oh, I forgot to mention that my scanner is an EPSON STYLUS CX3500. I scanned it in as a Photograph. It only gives me two options: photograph and document.
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            Hello Doug, as Palms mentioned I scanned seashells on cling i didnt scratch the scanner glass...keep meaning to get around to doing more but as Palms said ..Its a rainy day job...providing you have already picked the flowers....Posting an example for scanner is a Canon...

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              Well the quickest thing I found for scanning was a dime; so I scanned it.
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                Doug i agree it may not be as simple as putting things on and scanning i did find that with the lid off you do get the blacker background but i think i lost that when i tweaked should of done a selective colour tweak as well. When i done one with the lid on it was a bit squished and had the lighter background hmm will have to see how everyone else does while i try and wait for artistic inspiration
                Ken i agree with you the daffs are beautiful
                Syd cant comment on anything there like you just playing around to see what happens or not !
                Patricia i still like your shells and think the cling film is a great idea
                Phil excellent i never knew a dime could look so well pretty !


                just had a thought we arent going to get any naked parts are we like they do with photo copiers * oh no that has given me a thought so here is a sort of hand wave from me to all of you to say hello
                here are a few tips
                1 make sure your scanner is in a easy place to reach not like mine where i needed to be more flexible than i really am !
                2. It is harder than you think tried to hold my hand above the glass but my hand shook a bit which blurred the scan so i decided on the squished wave

                again Palms
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                  I love sticking all manner of stuff in my scanner (keep an old, much battered and abused scanner for the purpose) Good source of textures and the like.
                  Here are some glass pebbles...
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                    The 'Hairy-Winged Butterfly'... or at least part thereof, I found in my scanner
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                      I've used my scanner for a few projects, as photos don't always give this effect. I did this one some time ago for someone who wanted a feather for a business logo.


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                        lol. i love the 'hairy winged butterfly' it also got me to thinking; anyone ever do a scan of a wig? might make for a good source of 'hair' textures.



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                          Craig, I have a collection of scans of my own hair (I have very long hair so it is not so awkward a task as it may seem hehe) for that purpose... and the textures I get come up really well with straight hair, tight curls and braids can be a tad tricky tho.


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                            Re: Object scanning

                            This uses a color copier, but it's the same concept (might need to register in order to see). Some beautiful images:

                            Learn by teaching
                            Take responsibility for learning


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                              Re: Object scanning

                              Thanks Doug....

                              Some nice images there....inspiring....I didnt have to register...



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