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    Digital scrapbooking takes advantage of your Photoshop skills from retouching to masking. RetouchPro offers numerous tutorials on various photo effects from masking hair, removing color casts, to channel masks and selective sharpening. There also are numerous websites with all kinds of brushes and patterns to make great backgrounds for your pages. Finally, if you have a scanner, you can also experiment with scanning in all kinds of items from coins to wallpaper. Don't be afraid to get creative!

    Please post your own tips, tutorials and links to helps others interested in this hobby. Or create your own tutorial and add it to our library.

    RetouchPro Threads:
    Also here are some resourceful sites to get this thread started:

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    Digital Scrapbooking Printing in Australia

    Thanks for posting a thread on this. I had a lot of trouble finding places which print 12 by 12 in Australia and thought I'd share two places that I found.

    Two Australian places which I've used myself and can recommend are:

    For Paperdivas you need to submit your work in CMYK. Needed a bit of trial and error for me to get accurate colours (I made some mistakes - don't convert to CMYK till you've just about finished). They print on thick card with a border which you trim yourself (so you don't have to worry about losing the edges). You have to pay first, then email your pages with the order number.

    For Scrapbook Printing you can submit your work in RGB. You can upload your pages direct to the website. I was really happy with the colours and results. They print on photo type paper, which I like, but some people might like to mount the page on cardstock. You can choose to have them print a white border (if the edges are important) or not.

    Hope that helps somebody, I had a lot of trouble finding them.


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      More on digital scrapbool printing - photobooks

      Another overlooked method of getting your digital scrapbook pages printed is to consider photobooks. Most people just use the predefined layouts, but a whole new world opens if you choose a photobook printer which allows a "full page" option.

      In other words, create a Photoshop (or other) work which fits the dimensions of an entire page and base the book on these, rather than the restrictive predefined layouts.

      In Australia at the moment, most mainstream photobook printers force their own layouts on you. Snapfish (Australian site) do have an option to allow you to do determine the full page yourself. However, in my opinion, I've found that the American site beats them hands down both in terms of printing quality and also with the versatility and ease of use of the site. Cost comes out similar, even taking into account postage.

      One more point - it can be tricky aligning your work to the cover if you use the full photo cover option because it's not quite the same dimensions as the pages inside. I found Shutterfly's templates to be invaluable but they were hard to find on the website. Here's a link:

      When I emailed snapfish for similar info they didn't know what I was talking about, so I had to use trial and error to do a full photo cover. Shutterfly are great if you want a custom cover because you have full control not just of the front cover, but also of the back cover and spine.

      Hope this helps someone.


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